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Zenesis of the Research Cell at MSE

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After I completed my under graduation, I realized that having a brief knowledge of every domain of economics is essential. It is important for an individual to form a group in which one can discuss, learn and share knowledge of the concerned field everyone is passionate about. When I came to MSE, I was looking for such a group but I found a bit difficulty to assemble such like minded people. The only institutionalized group that I found operational was the placement cell. Being in the placement cell is in itself a big achievement one can get. I was one of the person who applied for the position in the placement cell. It was that moment that propelled me to initiate a research cell that was missing in one of the most prestigious economic college of India. I took my name back from the participation and decided to provide a platform to all those students who wanted to pursue academics in future. Also, most of the students turn towards the corporate world because of the lack of basic exposure into research. Hence it was important to have a cell where students should give at least a thought to research as well.

Then it all started when Sashank Aggarwal and I together worked on the research proposal and talked to each faculty regarding the cell. They appreciated but believed that we will fail because they had witnessed many research related cells being opened and closed within a span of a year because of the lack of student participation. It took us around 2-3 weeks to get approval from the administrative officer and other authorities and in September 2016, we officially announced ourselves as the research cell. We started with approximately 25 members and now we are a team of 40 dedicated members. Our very first event of the cell was the discussion on Brexit which was monitored by Dr. Sartaj and eventually it was followed by lot of discussions and paper presentations.       -- Prachi Srivastava | Batch of 2018

Among many things that I have enjoyed and prided myself in being a part of, being in the MSE research cell is sufficiently close to the top. Not only did I find a bunch of like minded people who aspire to excel in all walks of life, I also made friends that are going to last me a lifetime. For me, it had been something that bridged the gap between research enthusiasts and research opportunities in an institute which is known for its excellence in environmental economics. We are very happy that the cell is able to contribute to the immersive learning for all the students who are engaged in it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -- Parush Arora| Batch of 2018

The Research Cell will promote quantitative and econometric studies in economics and finance. It will conduct peer presentations, faculty lectures, student discussions/debates and other academic activities. At no point will we let students rest or stop thinking.                                                                                                                              -- Pranjal Rawat| Batch of 2018

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